Silhouettes of people, human silhouettesilhouettes of four people

This page, Silhouettes of people, human silhouette, will present to you different silhouette clipart, such as male silhouette and female silhouette, and head silhouette.

Some of them will be saved in GIF/PNG-format, which means they come with a transparent background and  you can use them on top of something else. The ones saved in PNG format will often be a lot bigger than you see here, because they are the newest clip art silhouettes here.
Right click the picture to see it in a new tab, to see the actual size.

Others are saved in JPEG, with a white background. To help you choose, I will write below each silhouette clip art whether they are saved in GIF, PNG or JPEG.

If you are an avid crafter, you will already know that finding decent clip art images of people is an almost impossible task.

This is one of the reasons why I was driven to add a section on my website that included silhouettes of people – good images that could be used in a wide variety of crafting projects.
As well as male and female silhouette images, I also have silhouettes of children, which are great for making handmade cards, gift tags, invitations and pretty much anything else your crafty hands want to create.

Below are a few ideas on what you can do with the clip art images available on my site.

You can use the human silhouette for whatever you like: invitations, art projects, school projects, letters, mails, websites etc. The clipart is free to use, s long as you do not overuse it, and as long as you do not use it for any negative purpose.

Please read more about that on my Homepage, and remember that all the material is original.

You will find more human silhouette on the page Dancer Silhouette, Female silhouettes, Body silhouettes, Silhouette graphics and Sports Clipart.

Silhouettes of People:

Father and daughter PNG Silhouette of Cowgirl PNG Silhouette of Singer PNG
silhouette of father and child cowgirl silhouette silhouette of singer
Woman on stool PNG  Silhouette graphics JPEG Man with gun JPEG
woman sitting on stool 
Slender female silhouette PNG Female silhouette with hat PNG Male silhouette relaxed PNG
female silhouette with hat
Man and woman hand in hand PNG   Mother and child PNG  Men shaking hands PNG
man and woman hand in hand  mother and child running men shaking hands 
Business silhouette PNG   Outlined two men PNG  Two men PNG
business man and business woman talking  two men standing back to back  black white silhouette two men 

Football silhouettes:

American football player JPG   Football silhouette JPG  Football silhouette PNG
american football player 1  football silhouette american 
American football silhouette PNG   Victory football player silhouette PNG  American football player PNG
american-football-silhouette-kick  victory-football-player  american football player 
Sketch silhouette Football player PNG American football PNG
sketch american football player  black-white-silhouette-football  American football 
American football player silhouette PNG   Back of football player PNG  Football player JPEG
football-player-silhouette-helmet-hand  Back of football player silhouette  silhouette of football player

Before using any of my silhouettes or clip art images I ask that you kindly read through my very lenient usage instructions on my homepage.

Please feel free to add my website to your favorites, Thank You.

Soccer Silhouettes


Soccer silhouette two players JPEG   Silhouette of soccer players
soccer silhouette two players  silhouette of people soccer 
Soccer silhouette player with ball PNG Soccer player kicking ball PNG
Soccer player kicking ball     
Sketch soccer player JPEG  Black white silhouette soccer PNG
black white silhouette soccer player 

If you like silhouettes, you will love this really fantastic and amazing video:


More Human Silhouette:

Human silhouette PNG Female silhouette PNG Male silhouette PNG Woman with child in stroller PNG
Business woman silhouette  silhouette female working  sideway silhouette of man  woman with child in stroller
Human silhouette PNG Woman with child PNG Male silhouette PNG Business silhouette PNG
silhouette of man  woman with child silhouettes of people male  business man and business woman 
Human silhouette PNG Human silhouette PNG Male silhouette PNG Man in triumph JPEG
silhouette of standing woman  young female silhouette  man silhouette  man in triumph silhouette black white

Baby Shower Invitations

 If you or someone you know is expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet, then at some point there is bound to be a baby shower.
This is, usually, an informal gathering of loved ones and closed friends, where gifts for the mother-to-be are exchanged.

Tradition notes that the pregnant woman's best friends are supposed to organize the shower, although this is not a practice that is always followed.

However, if you find yourself organizing a shower, be it your own or a friends, one of the first things you will need is a invitation.

Baby silhouette PNG Baby silhouette black white PNG 
baby crawling  baby silhouette black white 

You can use the people silhouettes from this website to decorate your invitations.
As well as a beautiful parents with child image, there is also an image of a baby sitting – these will look beautiful on the front of the shower's invitations.

If you have a computer program where you can change the colors of the silhouettes, you can make them blue or pink, or any color that will go with the rest of the invitation.

Making your own invitations means you can personalize them as much as you want, making them completely unique from anything you can buy in the shops.
You can also print the shower's information directly onto the invitation – which cuts down on the amount of time you need to spend writing them.


silhouette open positive man clipartsilhouette clipart male open gesture

More Silhouettes of People:   

As I have been asked to do the silhouettes in different ways, I will go on doing that.

So, sometimes the silhouette will be all black, sometimes black/white, sometimes in different gray or blue colors.

And the silhouettes will be in different sizes, depending on when I have made them. As I mentioned above most silhouettes saved as PNG are quite big, like the one with the handshake:

                      handshake silhouette

Handmade Cards for Men

It is virtually impossible to go into a card shop and find a suitable greeting card for a male, unless he is under the age of five that is.
A sorry selection of golf club or beer bottle decorated cards, means finding that special greeting for a male in your life can be nearly impossible.

While making your own cards may seem like the answer, the selection of available clipart for men on the Internet also leaves a lot to be desired.

However, the male silhouette images on my website will make perfect additions to your handmade cards, and there is enough selection to ensure there is something to suit everyone. Whether you want an image giving the thumbs up or a footballing silhouette, you can create nice, appropriate cards for that special man in your life.


Silhouette clipart Male kneeling PNG Silhouette clipart PNG Male silhouette PNG
man triumphing silhouette lines kneeling man outlined man kneeling outlined business man shrugs
Male silhouette PNG Silhouette businessman PNG Silhouette clipart Male silhouette PNG
silhouette of man shrugs business man shrugs businessman giving thumb silhouette lines business man giving thumb up
Male black silhouette Male silhouette Thumb up Man thumb up
Female silhouette Female silhouette Silhouette clipart Human silhouette
tennis player woman silhouette lines silhouette tennis player black white silhouette of small child sitting black white silhouette of child sitting
Tennis player Female tennis player Child sitting Silhouette child

School Projects

The collection of silhouettes of people on my website are also ideal for school projects – whether it is a random craft project where the children get to make something themselves or a joint effort as a class or school.

The silhouette images make great collage material, meaning you can create a huge mural of different male and female images. This is a good way to introduce children to crafts, as well as explaining the different roles filled by men and women.

The boy footballer and the female tennis player make for a great sports section (and you can find a lot more sport silhouettes on my website, see the links below on this page), whereas the parents silhouette is a great starting part for a school project on family.

You can encourage the children to choose and print out their favorite silhouettes, and then ask them to write a story based around them.
As well as aiding cognitive development, it also encourages the children to work unsupervised. Plus, they have something to show for it at the end of all their hard work.

Silhouette clipart PNG Female silhouette Female silhouette Silhouette clipart
woman with bag  business woman silhouette female silhouette with computer black silhouette of woman on chair with pc
Woman waiting Woman with bag Woman on chair Woman with computer
Silhouette clipart Male silhouette Silhouette clipart PNG Silhouettes of people PNG
football boy silhouette clipart silhouette clipart boy with football black silhouette of parents and child  parents standing with child 
Boy wit ball Football Parents with child Parents and child


Yes! It is possible for you to use the silhouettes of people, and other images, as decoration on your own website. However, take a look at the (very few) rules for using my material on Homepage.

Whether you are running a small business or merely maintaining your own blog, the silhouettes offer simple, subtle decoration that will add to your website's or blog's overall look.
Many of the silhouettes of men are business-orientated and the quality of the clipart will not be lost when you add it to your website.

Here are two Victorian silhouettes of people, a mother and a child.
You can find a lot more like these on the page Victorian silhouettes, see the link below.
silhouette of mother and child    victorian silhouette mother child bird


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