fish clip art Fish Clip Art

After making a page with colorful bird drawings and butterfly drawings, I have made this page with beautiful fish graphics.

Below on the page you will find a section with realistic fish pictures, made of public domain pictures of fish, where I have removed the white background.

The first part of these fish pictures are more colorful fish drawings, but, unlike the bird- and butterfly drawings, mostly made with the colors they have in nature.
I wouldn't use these in a biology report, though, because I make these colorful drawings for fun and because I like the colors, not to make them accurate.

I hope you like these fish graphics, and If you want to use them, please go to Homepage to read the very simple rules for using my material.

Most of this clip art is saved in PNG-format, which means they are without the white background, and can be used on top of let's say underwater photos.

Fish Clip Art


Yellow orange fish PNG Scalare PNG
yellow orange fish clip art Scalare fish
Orange Cat fish PNG Colorful tropical fish JPEG
orange cat fish colorful tropical fish
Blue yellow fish clip art PNG Clownfish JPEG
blue yellow fish clownfish clipart
Very spotted fish PNG Salt water fish PNG
Very spotted fish drawing Salt water fish

You can combine this fish clip art with drawings of water, aquariums or underwater photos, or you can print the and use them as stickers on the wall.

A really funny thing you can do with these fish images is making a aquarium out of a box, and it is a great thing to do together with you children.
Cover the inside of the box with blue tissue paper or any other kind of blue paper.
Print the different fish you would like to have in the aquarium, maybe you can choose a fish each. Cut it and tie a sewing thread to the fish, then hang it from the top of the box.

If possible it would be a good idea to print each fish in two versions. In a drawing program turn the fish clip art horizontally, print both versions, cut them and glue them together.
In this way the fish will look good even when it rotates in the box.

You can add some green seaweed cut out of carton, and maybe a starfish. Try asking the kids what they would like to see in the aquarium, but be prepared for making all kinds of strange things like treasure chests and skeletons :-)

More Fish Clip Art


Clip art of salt water fish PNG Beautiful blue and yellow fish PNG
turning salt water fish colorful blue fish swimming
Blue green fish PNG Goldfish PNG
blue green fish goldfish clip art
Tropical colorful fish PNG Black Scalare PNG
colorful tropical fish black scalare
Green orange fish drawing PNG Clown fish PNG
green orange fish drawing Clown fish swimming

Cube Boxfish drawing PNG Blackspotted pufferfish PNG
cube boxfish drawing blackspotted pufferfish
Fantasy colored fish PNG Orange fantasy colored fish PNG
     colorful blue green fish orange fantasy colored fish
Masked porcupine fish PNG
masked porcupinefish drawing  

Public Domain Fish Pictures

Even if my clip art here on is very close to public domain, it still isn't, because I have to have a certain control with my work.

The fish pictures you see here below are Public domain, kindly offered by different people on the internet.

Though I have made a little change, because the fish clipart you see below all come with a transparent background.
This way you can put it on any kind of background, colored, a photo of water etc.

Remember to right click the picture if you want to see the larger version of the fish, see it in a new tab.

Mounted Striped Bass PNG King Fish PNG
mounted striped bass clip art clip art of king fish
Large mouth bass clipart PNG Okaloosa darter fish clipart PNG
Large mouth bass clipart Okaloosa darter fish clipart
Dolphin fish pictures PNG Cumberland arrow darter PNG
Dolphin fish pictures Cumberland arrow darter
Blue Marlin PNG Red snapper fish mount PNG
Blue Marlin fish picture Red snapper fish mount clipart
Black tail permit fish PNG Fish painting PNG
Black tail permit fish fish painting
Swampfish PNG Black jumprock PNG
Black jumprock fish
Striped darter PNG Roosterfish PNG
striped darter roosterfish clipart


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