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Links to the Vintage Christmas Card in High Quality
December 13, 2015

Link to the vintage Christmas card you see on my blog.

As you might have noticed, if you follow my blog, I have added some very funny Christmas greeting cards to the page Printable Christmas Cards.

As loyal followers of my pages and newsletter you here get a link to the high quality vintage Christmas card, you see on the blog post from today.

I hope you will find the card as funny and special as I do.

More than that I am going through all the pages, little by little, to update the clip art. When I started this website, the pictures couldn't be larger than 100 kbyte, now they can be 200 kbyte, which means that I can make them larger, if I still have the original. It really takes so much time, and I also want to make new pages (it is much more fun than repairing the old ones :-)) but already you will find most of the pages with Christmas clip art improved.

Best Regards


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