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Clipartqueen's Newsletter, #003 -- Changing URL
January 22, 2014

Change of URL Jan 26

I will be changing the URL to the much shorter

It will happen January 26, and there might be some problems a day or so after that, but the everything should work just as well as now. And I have a lot of new, great pages just waiting to be uploaded, so you can look forward to a lot of new clipart.

What you have to do if you want to go on following my site (which of course I do so hope you will) are 2 things:

After January 27, when the new URL is working well, please bookmark the new URL, and delete the old one, which is no longer working.

NOW sign up again for RSS or any other kind of feed. If you do it now, I will change the feed the 26th, and you wont have to do another thing. I have signed up with feedburner, and if you sign up with the crown in the right column, you will have the option of having feeds about new pages as email.

This should be it.

There will be no change in getting the newsletter, and as soon as I have changed the URL to, I will find out how to change the blog as well.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope the new pages will make up for it :-)

Best Regards


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