Victorian Ornaments and Victorian Borders

A page with fabulous Victorian ornaments and Victorian borders.

Most of these Victorian decor ornaments and borders will be in black and white, because I have found them in old books from 19th century, but there will be a few in colors as well.

When you talk about ornaments, you will often find people mean decorations, in this case Victorian drawings in decorative style, and you will find some of these here, as well as Victorian borders.

But - what you will find here in abundance will be small Victorian decor elements.
Victorian decorating graphics with animals, people, with flowers, dancing people, silhouettes, icons - all in all, lots of these Victorian graphics I have found in old books showing all these regular printed graphics from the 19th century you can use standing alone or together.

Victorian Ornaments

                           small Victorian ornament      Victorian ornament with liion head

  Ornament with vase

Victorian top page ornament

ornament with swords

  Victorian ornament with leaves and faces

                 Victorian decor ornament

                        Victorian decorating element

        angel ornament

  Victorian ornament black background    Victorian decorative ornament

French Victorian era ornament

       Victorian ornament drawing       Bombastic ornament from Victorian era

      Victorian corner ornament

          beautiful Victorian ornament

Next come some Victorian borders. 

You will find lots of other old black and white borders on page.

 If you don't find what you are looking for here, take a look at the links below on this page to other pages here on with Victorian stuff and with borders of different kinds.

But maybe even more important is that, also down below this page, you will find lots of Victorian decorating elements you can put together making all kinds of new borders, frames and ornaments.

Victorian Borders

What could be more appropriate for a Victorian border than a crown?
After all the era is named after Queen Victoria.

        crown border

         border with leaves and flowers

         colored Victorian border

      heart shaping swirl border

       black border  

    royalistic Victorian borde   

       pineapple border

               Victorian border with swirls and leaves

          Victorian decor border

             Complicated Victorian border

Victorian Decor Elements:

drawing with Victorian decor elementsvertical Victorian border   victorian vertical border

    vertical Victorian decor elements border    border made of decor elements   flower-vertical-border victorian decor border with flowers

For the vertical Victorian ornaments above I have used the smaller Victorian graphics you find here below.

You can save them and use them to create new and genuine borders, frames and other Victorian inspired designs.

Also below you find some beautiful and very original Victorian design elements, corner ornaments with birds, butterflies, a spider and flowers.

You can use these corner for illustrating a card, an e-mail, or any kind of message.

In time there will be more of these corners, because first of all I think they are very special, secondly because I think there will be so many ways of using them.
The only problem is that is takes me a lot of work and time to clean them for all the damage they have suffered - but I want to do it, so sooner or later you will find more.

element of Victorian flower decor

  flower design element flower           flower design element

     black element for borders  decor-aries-head-element  flower bouquet ornament

round Victorian design element  flower pot element  Victorian decor element

flower design element for frame      Art nouveau design element

snake ornament element     flame ornament   Victorian design element

horseshoe and clover  bird in a cage silhouette parrot in cage drawing

As you might have noticed, sometimes I mix Victorian images with Art Nouveau images.

I have found all these decor elements in old books, and as these books are printed in early 20th century then there will of course be some Art Nouveau elements as well.

But actually I think the two periods, the Victorian era and the time with Art Nouveau styled art are overlapping, so there should be no problem using all these ornaments for designs for both periods.

And of course if you don't have to be precise, then you can use all these elements exactly the way you like, mix them, make them into frames or borders, color them on the computer - as long as you create the result you want.

Just remember to read on Homepage about the rules for using my material.
There are actually only two rules, and I think they are very reasonable :-)


Victorian Ornaments Corners:

corner ornament   Victorian corner ornament with bird

corner ornament with spider and fly   corner drawing butterfly flowers

swirl corner ornament   corner with swirls

       Victorian swirl corner ornament  victorian element for corners




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