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Free Thanksgiving Clipart will be a page with funny Thanksgiving graphics and Turkey pictures, all to use for free.

They will be great to use for place cards at the Thanksgiving dinner, for invitations, for letters and mails, school projects and more. You can also use it to make gift cards or Thanksgiving table decorations more fun and personal.

Thanksgiving Day is in USA celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. 

Thanksgiving, as celebrated in USA, started out as a celebration of the harvest, the richness of the earth.
In 2015 it will be Thursday, the 26th of November

In Canada, where the Thanksgiving Day, in Canadian French Jour de l'Action de grâce is also celebrated, it always falls on the second Monday of October, which means that in 2015 it will be  Monday, October 12.

      Menu card for Thanksgiving

You will find a recipe for the Thanksgiving dinner below.

The first Thanksgiving Day dinner was allegedly held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 and was a kind of harvest festival where colonists from England celebrated the harvest with members of the Wampanoag tribe.
In this way, Thanksgiving has become a symbol of a peaceful United States where all across history and cultural differences come together for a common meal.

As it originally started as a celebration of the richness of the land, the themes for Thanksgiving graphics are pictures of corn, melons, pumpkins, all kinds of fruits, and of course drawings and pictures of the turkey bird. Cooked or not cooked. So you will also find a lot of turkey pictures on this page.

You can also visit the page with coloring pages for Thanksgiving and the one with pictures of turkey birds, not to mention the newly added page with Thanksgiving Cards.
You can find picture-links below on this page.

About how you can use my clipart, please go to Homepage, where you can find the very simple and very "common sense" rules for using it. Its free to use, even for commercial use, as long as you don't overuse it, or use it for negative purposes.

Thanksgiving Clipart, Turkey pictures:


Turkey pictures Turkey pictures Turkey pictures
thanksgiving clipart turkey black white drawing Turkey bird for Thanksgiving dinner thanksgiving clipart turkey rose black white
Black/white turkey bird Turkey bird for Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving dinner
Three pumpkins Rich harvest Cornucopia
three pumpkins rich harvest of fruits and nuts for Thanksgiving cornucopia
Turkey pictures Thanksgiving Humor Turkey pictures
Turkey pictures roasted color Turkey bird running away from thanksgiving Thankgivings dinner running away
Thanksgiving dinner Running turkey bird Turkey bird running away
Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving Free Thanksgiving pictures
happy thanksgiving turkey bird black white happy thanksgiving turkey hat Angry thanksgiving dinner turkey
Happy Thanksgiving turkey Happy Thanksgiving color turkey Angry Thanksgiving dinner
Thanksgiving Humor Turkey pictures Free Thanksgiving pictures
thanksgiving clipart angry turkey thanksgiving clip art pumpkins turkey bird head of turkey bird thanksgiving
Angry turkey color Pumpkins and turkey Head of turkey bird
Free Thanksgiving pictures Free Thanksgiving pictures Thanksgiving graphics
save a turkey eat a chicken clipart thanksgiving clipart turkey chicken turkey pictures black white
Save a turkey eat a chicken Save a turkey eat a chicken color Sketch turkey bird
Turkey pictures Turkey pictures Turkey clipart JPEG
turkey pictures color thanksgiving turkey head calling for help Ornament for thanksgiving invitation
Colored turkey bird Turkey head calling for help Ornament for Thanksgiving dinner
Roasted turkey Delicious Turkey in the oven Clip Art Thanksgiving
roasted turkey for Thanksgiving delicious Thanksgiving turkey in oven Roasted Thanksgiving turkey
Head of turkey Harvest of fruits Pumpkin pie PNG
head of turkey harvest of fruits for Thanksgiving Day pumpkin pie

In the 1800s turkey, pumpkin and apple pie were fixed items on the Thanksgiving menu, and the turkey in New England was filled with oysters, while in other parts of the country the turkey does not see the shadow of oysters.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaims Thanksgiving an annual tradition, and in 1941 it becomes an annual holiday.

it is a tradition that the president will "pardon" a turkey on the occasion of Thanksgiving, and that this turkey gets a life where it can live free range on grass, while its conspecifics have to die to become a "centerpiece" at the dinner.

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner to this day still carries the mark of originating in New England, as this is a very fertile area with lots of corn, cranberries, pumpkin, wild turkeys, root vegetables, onions and oysters.

Thanksgiving graphics, free Thanksgiving pictures:


Free Thanksgiving pictures Free Thanksgiving pictures Free Thanksgiving pictures
thankgivings harvest pumpkins clipart pilgrim hat clipart thanksgiving pilgrim hat thanksgiving graphics
Pumpkins Pilgrim hat black white Pilgrim hat Thanksgiving
Free Thanksgiving pictures Happy Thanksgiving Thanksgiving graphics
pilgrim woman black white clipart pilgrim woman porridge clipart chef with thanksgiving turkey dinner
Pilgrim woman black/white Pilgrim woman porridge Thanksgiving dinner chef
Thanksgiving graphics Thanksgiving graphics Thanksgiving clipart
dad with thanksgiving dinner turkey roast mom with thanksgiving dinner Granddad with turkey dinner thanksgiving
Roasted turkey dinner Mom with Thanksgiving turkey Thanksgiving dinner and granddad
Turkey drawing PNG Silver turkey PNG Golden turkey PNG
Turkey drawing vintage silver turkey and leaves Golden turkey drawing
Thanksgiving image PNG Thanksgiving graphic Thanksgiving dinner PNG
Thanksgiving clipart turkey woman with pumpkin and turkey for Thanksgiving chef with Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Turkey with White Wine and Butter Gravy

8-10 persons.

1 big turkey, approx. 11lb, butter, 2 organic oranges, 1 organic lemon cut in halves, 1 onion cut in halves, salt, pepper, 1 bottle of white wine, corn flour.

Clean the turkey with cold water both outside and inside. Dup dry and let stand at room temperature for a few hours . Stop the wing tips under the body of the turkey and place it breast side up . Spread 2 oz butter inside the turkey , also in the cavity at the neck . Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Cut one orange in half and spread it inside the turkey with lemon and onion .
Place the whole orange in the cavity at the neck . It will help the turkey hold its shape during cooking and adds flavor.
Pull the loose skin over the neck, secure it with needles onto the chest.
Tie legs together tightly with string .

Pour 10 oz melted butter over the turkey and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Place the bird on the grill over the roasting pan and pour 5 ml white wine in the bottom of the pan .

Put it all in the oven and roast 30 minutes at 425 F. Then turn down to 345 degrees F.
Having been in the oven approx . 1 hour fat begins to drip down into the pan . Take some of the liquid from the roasting pan and drip the bird every 20 minutes with the liquid , so it does not dry out .
If the breast meat browns too quickly, cover it with aluminum foil , but keep on dripping with the liquid.

Check the temperature of the turkey after approx. 2 hours in all, it should be 175 F to be finished .
Let the turkey rest for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile scrape the sides of the pan so that all the flavor comes into the liquid.
Pour the liquid into a pot and heat it up. Season with salt and pepper, even with corn flour , and possibly add a little redcurrant jelly or like wise to add sweetness.

                 Thanksgiving dinner

Let me end this page with a Thanksgiving greeting:

           vintage Thanksgiving card

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