Silhouettes of Children

As you  might already have noticed I have a lot of pages with silhouette clipart here on my website.

One thing that has been missing (and people have told me that) is a page with silhouettes of children.
Silhouettes of boys and girls playing, dancing, jumping, all the things that these little kids do :-)

So below you will find all these things, and you can use them together with the silhouette clipart you find on the other pages.

Please go to the main page for the pages with silhouettes to get an overview of what you can find of other kinds of clipart on Clipartqueen, like dancer silhouette, dog silhouette and a lot more.

About rules for using my material, please go to Homepage. These rules are so simple, because I want it to be easy for you to use my clipart. After all, that is why I am making all these drawings, (in addition to having a lot of fun making it).

I am making the silhouettes in PNG, which means they are saved without the white background, and can be used on top of other colors and backgrounds.
Also I am making them in different kinds of silhouettes, so that you can find exactly the one you need for your logo, website or other things you need a silhouette for.

Cute silhouettes of children:

Black silhouette girl dancing Girl dancing ballet Dancing girl silhouette
silhouette of dancing girl black silhouette with white line girl dancing black white silhouette of girl dancing ballet
Boy dong handstand Black silhouette white line Black white silhouette boy
silhouette of boy doing handstand boy doing handstand black silhouette white black silhouette boy doing handstand
Silhouette of boy black Grey silhouette boy White black silhouette of boy
silhouette of boy black grey silhouette of boy white silhouette boy black stroke
Little girl dancing Girl silhouette White stroke silhouette
silhouette of little girl dancing white shirt black silhouette of girl dancing white stroke silhouette of girl dancing
Dancing girl Silhouette dancing girl Girl silhouette black white
black stroke silhouette of dancing girl silhouette of dancing little girl silhouette of dancing child with pony tail

Doesn't it just look great when you put some of these children silhouettes together:

                     silhouette of boy and girl and ball

One of the people who had asked me to this page with kid's silhouettes has already made one of them into a logo for her shop with homemade children's wear.

I think you can use the silhouettes for invitations, gift cards and gift tags.

Also you can use them in a special way for showing the way to the girl's/boy's toilet, and to make it very, very clear you can even use a "no access" symbol on top of the boy, if it is a girl's toilet and vice versa. Just for fun :-)

                             no acces for boys sign

Boy silhouette Boy standing white silhouette Girl with ball
grey silhouette boy standing white silhouette boy
Silhouette of playing girl White stroke silhouette Black white silhouette girl
Silhouette of playing girl white stroke stroked silhouette of girl playing black white silhouette girl playing
Black stroke silhouette School girl black white Silhouette school girl
black stroke silhouette school girl
Silhouette of girl with ball Girl with ball white silhouette Summer silhouette boy
silhouette of girl with ball black white stroke white stroke silhouette of girl
Silhouette of child Black silhouette of boy Child with candy bag silhouette
little boy with candy bag silhouette silhouette of child with candy bag white line silhouette of children
Boy and mountain Silhouette young man Silhouette of man and mountain
boy climbing mountain black white silhouette boy climbing mountain white line silhouette boy mountain

When I started making these silhouettes of kids I suddenly realized that I have hundreds of photos of my own children laying around.

I found the ones where their positions are easy to draw, and made silhouettes out of the drawings.

The only drawback of doing that was that I suddenly had this longing for being together with my kids in those different ages, feeling their little arms around my neck and seeing them playing around, and of course that is impossible.
They are grown up now, with their own children, and that is such a great pleasure, so who am I to complain? :-)

More Silhouettes of Children:

Grey silhouette kid Silhouette child Black silhouette child
grey silhouette of small child small child with rubber boots silhouette black cilhouette kid white line
Silhouette of girl black Girl silhouette running White stroke silhouette
girl silhouette running black silhouette of children girl running silhouette of girl running white stroke
Child victory sign Black white child silhouette Girl silhouette black
silhouette child victory sign child showing victory sign silhouette little girl in shorts standing
White silhouette of child Silhouette of running girl Child running silhouette
white-silhouette of girl in shorts running girl silhouette silhouette of child running
Cute baby silhouette White black silhouette baby Silhouette of small child
silhouette of baby sitting black white silhouette baby cute baby silhouette

You can find some beautiful Victorian silhouettes of children on the page with Victorian silhouette, see the link below.



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