Medical Cartoons

This page with medical cartoons will at least in the start be with my original cartoons.

They were made one day after a conversation with one of my friends about the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". One idea took the other, and so it ended up as 4 cartoons, to use as medical clipart.

I had a lot of fun making the cartoons, and hope you will enjoy them as well.

Later I will find some more but this will have to be enough for now.

If you like, you can also visit my other pages about medical stuff, such as the main page Medical Images and the other pages Medical Clipart and Medical Clip Art. (It might seem to be almost the same, but the first, Medical Clipart is with lots of drawings, photos and symbols, while Medical Clip Art consist of older medical drawings of the human anatomy).

Examples of medical clipart, medical clip art and human body diagram:

           medical cartoons clipart teddy bear                  medical cartoons clip art ear drawing                  medical cartoons human body diagram heart               

If you are more interested in cartoons, have a look at Cartoon Drawings of animals.

Examples of cartoon drawings of animals:

medical cartoons cartoon animals


But now back to the Medical cartoons:


medical cartoons the pill for everlasting life


medical cartoons new baby


medical cartoons an apple a day keeps the doc


Here comes a couple more cartoons about apples and doctors:


And this next one is kind of a follow up:


Well, this should be the end of the cartoons about doctors and apples for now.

Here comes the last medical cartoon for now:

I hope you have enjoyed these cartoons. You are free to use them in mails, on invitations, folders, letters. You might even use them for commercial purpose, as long as you follow the very simple rules, that goes for all my material. Please read more about that on Homepage.

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