Butterfly Coloring Pages

With this page with butterfly coloring pages you get free sheets with butterfly drawings that you can color just the way you want to.

Butterflies in nature are some of the most colorful and amazing creatures, as you can see on some of the pictures on another page here (see links below on this page) but with these drawings you can use your imagination.
The wings of a butterfly are so great for combining different colors.

There are also some coloring pages with butterflies and flowers together.

You can use them for free as long as you use these coloring pages for your own personal use. If you use them for your website or other commercial purposes, please go to Homepage to read about the very few limitations for using my material.

Print these drawings with 150 dpi, they will be the size of an A4 paper.
Right click the picture you like, and go for the version that shows in another tab. Save that one.

Butterfly Drawings to Color:

Beautiful flying butterflies with different patterns on the wings.

Butterfly coloring page with three butterflies     one big beautifl butterfly to color

coloring page with butterflies  butterfly drawings to color

Butterfly Coloring for Kids:

Of course most of these butterfly coloring pages here will be fine for kids, but here comes a couple of butterfly drawings especially made for the little ones.

They have the motive of funny and smiling butterflies and caterpillars.

The transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly is one of natures big miracles.

I remember when I was with some of my kids to the Zoo in Copenhagen, where there is a place with butterfly cocoons at different stages, and we were so lucky to see a butterfly slowly coming out of one of these cocoons.
My kids talked about it for weeks.

So here are the coloring drawings and a little poem about caterpillars and butterflies:

"I lost a shoe, and I don't know what to do!
Said the caterpillar and sat on the ground.
But the problem was solved
'cause the caterpillar evolved.
As a butterfly it was flying around"

caterpillar and butterfly drawingkids coloring page with butterflies


 More Butterfly Coloring Sheets:       

butterfly coloring page

Here comes some butterfly coloring pages with butterflies and flowers and one butterfly mandala:

A coloring sheet with three different butterflies and two roses, and on the next one two butterflies and a bouquet of  forget-me-not.

butterflies and roses to color  butterflies and flowers

A butterfly sitting on two roses, drinking nectar. And next a mandala with four butterflies in a circle.

butterfly on rosesbutterfly mandala coloring page

Two coloring pages with butterflies and heart shaped flowers making a pattern.

butterflies coloring pages    butterflies and hearts

Below is a coloring page with two flying butterflies and flowers.

        butterfly and lots of flowers

Butterflies and flowers in circles:

      butterfly colouring page  butterfly drawing with pattern

Butterfly coloring page with flowers                        Butterflies and hearts in circle

butterfly with flower pattern butterfly coloring pages with hearts


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